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Change Compass

Methods for Creating and Sustaining Positive Habits (NWI04)

This course takes a deep-dive into methods of influence that can be used to create and sustain new habits. Each method is explained in detail, including how it can be applied, other methods with which it works well, case studies of it applied in practice and lists for further reading or watching.

This course has been designed to follow our 'Become a Change Agent' course and sets up graduates of that course for long-term success by providing deeper insight and understanding of individual influence methods. However, if you are an effective change agent, this course will provide you with a rich resource of ideas and initiatives that you can deploy to become even more effective at creating a change-ready environment.

  • Introduction to Using Influence Methods
  • Change Agent Refresher video
  • Self influence methods
  • The Context of the Self
  • SELF - Grow: Set Small Incremental Goals
  • Set Small, Incremental Goals
  • SELF - Inspire: Start with Why
  • Start with Why Summary
  • SELF - Overcome: Reframe Reasons & Excuses
  • Reframe Reasons & Excuses Summary
  • SELF - Resist: Notice External Forces
  • Notice External Forces reflection
  • Notice External Forces Summary
  • Social Influence methods
  • The Context of Social
  • SOCIAL - Grow: Explain Social Contagion
  • Explain Social Contagion Summary
  • SOCIAL - Inspire: Connect People
  • Connect People Summary
  • SOCIAL - Overcome: Rewrite Your Hero Archetype
  • Rewrite Your Hero Archetype Summary
  • SOCIAL - Resist: Share Willpower
  • Share Will Power Summary
  • Spaces Influence methods
  • The Context of Spaces
  • SPACES - Grow: Use Noticeable, Useful Signs
  • Use Noticeable Useful Signs Summary
  • SPACES - Inspire: Tell Stories in Wait Zones
  • Tell Stories in Wait Zones Summary
  • SPACES - Overcome: Cue New Habits to Old
  • Cue New Habits to Old Summary
  • SPACES - Resist: Co-locate Good Influences
  • Co-Locate Good Influences Summary
  • Systems Influence methods
  • The Context of Systems
  • SYSTEMS - Inspire: Give Explicit Permission
  • Give Explicit Permission Summary
  • SYSTEMS - Inspire: Offer Meaningful Rewards
  • Offer Meaningful Rewards Summary
  • BONUS! SYSTEMS - Inspire: Recognize & Appreciate
  • Recognize and Appreciate Summary
  • SYSTEMS - Resist: Make Tracking Frictionless
  • Make Tracking Frictionless Summary
  • Celebrate and Re-assess!
  • Develop Your Influence Strategy
  • More Methods
  • Thank you and wrap up
  • NWI CEC claim
  • Course feedback
  • Closing slide
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever