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Influence through Spaces (NWI05)

The context to which we usually pay the least attention has a surprising amount of influence. The buildings that we live and work in exert influence on us from the moment we enter them but, like all contexts, we rarely notice the impact. Is your workplace supporting you on your journey, or fighting back against the changes you’re trying to deploy?

This course is designed for professionals and senior employees with the ability to shape working environments to more effectively land wellness and change programs.

At the end of this course, you will have an understanding of what it takes to change the physical environment to help people adopt new healthier and high-performing habits. You will have learned some of the more useful influence methods employed successfully by others to create change, from nudge thinking to distance antagonists. You will have practiced application of these skills in the real world.

  • Welcome!
  • Influence Through the Spaces Context
  • Introduction to Influencing through Spaces
  • What you need to know about Change Agents!
  • Course structure
  • The Context of Spaces Intro
  • Spaces Assessment Tool
  • Make it difficult to be UNHEALTHY
  • Start With Why
  • Find your buddy
  • The Well Workplace Intro
  • Well Workspace Scavenger Hunt Exercise
  • Keeping things close, or far apart
  • Keep Healthy Options Close Intro
  • METHOD 1: Keep Healthy Options Close Summary
  • Co-locate Good Influences Intro
  • METHOD 2: Co-Locate Good Influences Summary
  • Distance Antagonist task with Buddy
  • METHOD 3: Cue New Habits to Old Summary
  • The Power of Stories
  • Pixar Storytelling Rules #1: Finding Ideas
  • Tell Stories in Wait Zones - Intro
  • METHOD 4: Tell Stories in Wait Zones Summary
  • Task: Finding Stories in Wait Zones
  • You are halfway and doing great!
  • Use Noticeable, Useful Signs Intro
  • METHOD 5: Use Noticeable Useful Signs Summary
  • Use Gravity and Steps - Intro
  • METHOD 6: Steps - Use Gravity!
  • Nudge Healthy Habits - Intro
  • Nudging Use of the Stairs - a Stockholm case study
  • METHOD 7: Nudge Healthy Choices Summary
  • Design Sensual Spaces - Intro
  • METHOD 8: Design Sensual Experiences Summary
  • RESOURCE: US GSA Sustainable Buildings Tool
  • Review your Strengths and Skills
  • Small Steps to Success - don't overdo it!
  • The Steps to Success task
  • Deliberate Practice article
  • Space Methods Test
  • Spaces Course Recap
  • Thank those who inspired you!
  • Thank you and wrap up
  • Course feedback
  • Closing slide
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year