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Habit Prescriptions: Which habits are worth adopting? (NWI03)

This course helps you understand which habits matter and get the best outcomes. The answer is somewhat dependent on what type of stakeholder is asking the question. We have focused on three stakeholder groups: insurers, employers, and members, or people, and the broad category of outcomes that are of interest to them: costs and growth, productivity, and life quality.

While there are primary interests for each stakeholder, the benefits extend across all groups. A healthy employee is more likely to be productive, and incur fewer health care costs. This, in turn, allows the employer to dedicate more resources to enhancing employee life quality, and high-quality insurance. Insurers receive value in their access to a larger pool of good health risks.

  • Introduction to Habit Prescriptions
  • The Three Behavior Change Categories
  • Sub divisions in the Three Domains
  • Domain of Health Behaviors
  • Domain of Happiness Behaviors
  • Domain of (Financial) Security behaviors
  • Match behaviors to category test
  • Which Habits Matter Most? And to Whom?
  • What is a Habit Prescription?
  • Example: Health Habit Prescriptions
  • Example: Happiness Habits Prescription
  • Example: Security Habits Prescription
  • Prioritizing Interventions with Dose Value Matrix
  • A Blended Health Habit Prescription: Putting it all together
  • A Blended Happiness Habit Prescription: Putting it All Together
  • A Blended Security Prescription: Putting it All Together
  • Habit prescription test
  • Dose Value Nutshells
  • Mindfulness & Performance in a Nutshell
  • Create Your Own Habit Prescription
  • How do we get people to practice these habit prescriptions?
  • How to get people to practice these Habits?
  • Thank you and wrap up
  • Claim NWI CECs
  • Course feedback
  • Closing slide
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever